Good writing companies that offer quality professional writing services are rare to find on the Internet. This is because there are so many ‘fake’ writing companies whose aim is to make easy cash from customers. These companies thrive on providing low quality work, often plagiarized to customers and charging for it. This has discouraged students who need help with writing assignments because it makes it difficult for them to know which company is reputable and which one is not. It happens that writing companies that scam customers also place adverts online, which confuses for students seeking authentic companies.

We are an open website that works to increase confidence levels among students on the writing industry. We do this by encouraging students to share what their experiences are like with writing companies that work for them. In addition, we read through customer reviews about different writing companies and then use a rating criterion to rate them against elements like meeting submission deadlines, how usable the final product is and support services. We take time to look at social media pages and pick specific feedback about writing companies. We get more feedback from customers through open online requests.

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Our writing appraisals become more objective when reviewers provide information such as availability of company policies on the Internet making customers aware of services and assurances given to customers. We are particularly keen to know the level of clarity in the policies on issues like work delivery and quality. Reviews should also give us an idea of staff credentials and their professional ethics, how the writing company adheres to its polices and respects customer rights such as allowing customers to contact writer, regular updates and accuracy of price quotations. Information on consistency of quoted and invoiced amounts and whether the company under review generates plagiarism reports for its customers is also important.

After all this information is availed to us, we begin the analysis process. We use a rating scale to determine the performance of each company. After rating their performance, we embark of ranking the writing companies according to their performance. This ranking process generates a list that shows the best company, with the highest score to the lowest company that has the lowest score. This is the report that we publish here for our visitors to use in identifying suitable writing companies.

We reward best performing writing companies by giving them a platform to tell our visitors what they offer and how their processes look like by placing short videos on our site. We also put links to their websites here for easy access.